Saturday, February 5, 2011

you can't make this stuff up

So, somewhere along the way, I was surfing the internet and ran across a mention of a Nutella Bacon Sandwich.

My instinctive reaction was, "That's it, internet. This time, you have gone too far."

I was a little squeebed out at the idea - pork products and chocolate don't automatically seem like two great tastes that would taste great together. But, you know... it's World Nutella Day, and as such, anything goes. Not to mention the fact that The Internet Is Never Wrong. Right?

I made the sandwich. (You don't really need me to post a recipe for this, do you?)

It was sweet. And salty. Smoky. And chocolaty. And it made me realize that if bacon and Nutella is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

As always, thanks to Ms. Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso for organizing the 5th Annual (!) World Nutella Day, and working to bring a little more peace, love, and chocolaty hazelnut goodness on earth.


  1. Ahah, I know a couple of people who would love this! & it has Nutella in it. Just when I thought I'd kicked my recent bacon obsession, you have to show me this. Curse you, Internet!

    Also, you're hilarious. Will be stalking you in the future =).


  2. Growing up, my mother always did Bacon & Peanut Butter sandwiches.... this proves she was so close, yet so far. Excellent! This was soooooo good!